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Woman undergoing the Gum Contouring process in Wareham, MA

Gum Contouring in Wareham, MA

An uneven gum line or excessive gum display can overshadow your teeth, making your smile appear less balanced. We understand that such concerns can affect your self-esteem and how you feel about your smile. Through advanced techniques and precision, Dr. Kiehl and our experienced dental team can reshape your gum line, creating a more balanced and pleasing aesthetic.

What is Laser Gum Contouring?

LANAP is a cutting-edge laser technology revolutionizing gum contouring. This minimally invasive technique employs a specialized laser to carefully and precisely sculpt the gum tissue, creating a more harmonious gum line. Unlike traditional methods that involve incisions and sutures, LANAP offers a gentler approach with remarkable results.

Who is a Candidate for Gum Contouring?

  • Gummy Smile – If you find that your gums are more prominent than your teeth when you smile, you may have what’s commonly known as a “gummy smile.” Gum reshaping can address this concern by reshaping the gum line to reveal more of your teeth, achieving a more balanced and appealing smile.
  • Excessive Gum Display – Some individuals may have teeth that appear shorter due to excessive gum display. A gum reduction can create a balanced gum line, allowing your teeth to shine and making your smile more proportionate.
  • Uneven or Asymmetrical Gum Line – An uneven or asymmetrical gum line can detract from the natural beauty of your smile. Gum contouring can sculpt and reshape the gum tissue, creating a more symmetrical and harmonious appearance.

At Southcoast Dental, we understand that each smile is unique. That’s why we offer personalized consultations to assess your individual needs and determine if gum contouring is the right solution for you.

The Laser Gum Treatment Process

Initial Consultation and Assessment

The first step towards achieving your desired smile is a comprehensive consultation. During this appointment, our team will discuss your smile goals, evaluate your gum line, assess your overall oral health, and address any questions or concerns you have about the procedure.

Laser Gum Reshaping Procedure

On the day of the procedure, we’ll ensure your comfort and answer any last-minute queries. Local anesthesia will be administered to numb the treatment area, ensuring a pain-free experience. Our skilled professionals will use the LANAP laser technology to precisely reshape your gum tissue.

Aftercare and Recovery Tips

We will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing. This may include recommendations for oral hygiene, diet, and avoiding certain activities that could hinder the healing process. We’ll schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress, address any concerns, and ensure your healing process is proceeding smoothly.

Benefits of Gum Contouring

There is a wide range of benefits of gum contouring, from enhancing your smile aesthetics to improving your oral health. We aim to deliver exceptional results that go beyond aesthetics.

  • Enhanced Smile Aesthetics and Improved Symmetry – A balanced gum line helps create a harmonious smile. Gum contouring allows us to carefully sculpt and reshape your gum tissue, creating a symmetrical and proportional frame for your teeth.
  • Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem – Your smile reflects your self-esteem and an uneven gum line can impact how you feel about your appearance. Gum contouring can restore confidence by addressing gum-related concerns and helping you achieve the smile you’ve always desired. 
  • Immediate and Long-Term Advantages – Achieving a balanced gum line can make maintaining proper oral hygiene easier. With proper oral care and regular dental visits, the results of gum contouring can provide a lifetime of improved smile aesthetics and enhanced oral health.

Laser Gum Contouring in Wareham, MA

If you’ve been longing for a more balanced and harmonious smile, we invite you to take the next step by scheduling an initial consultation at Southcoast Dental in Wareham, MA. During the consultation, Dr. Kiehl will listen to your smile goals, assess your unique needs, and discuss how gum contouring can transform your appearance. Don’t let an uneven or excessive gum line hold you back; let us help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.