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Embark on a journey towards impeccable periodontal health with Southcoast Dental in Wareham, MA. Our dedicated team, led by Dr. James Kiehl, excels in providing extensive periodontal care and maintenance, ensuring your gums are as healthy as your teeth. Your periodontal health is a window to your overall well-being, and we are here to guide you through every step of your oral care routine.

Southcoast Dental’s Periodontal Services

At Southcoast Dental, we specialize in periodontic dentistry, offering a range of services from routine periodontal cleaning to advanced gum treatment procedures. Our approach is tailored to meet your individual needs, ensuring a healthier smile with every visit.

How Often Should I Visit a Periodontist for Maintenance Care?

  • Regular check-ups are crucial for maintaining periodontal health. We recommend visiting Southcoast Dental for periodontal maintenance every 3 to 4 months.
  • Our personalized care plans are designed to address your unique dental health conditions, optimizing the frequency of your visits for the best possible outcomes.
  • At Southcoast Dental, our expertise in dental teeth scaling and periodontal cleaning guarantees a deep clean, promoting long-term periodontal health.

What is a Deep Cleaning, and How Often is it Necessary?

  • Deep cleaning encompasses dental scaling and root planing. It is crucial when there are signs of gum disease.
  • The frequency of deep cleaning teeth is determined based on your individual gum health, ensuring effective treatment and prevention of further issues.

How do I Know if my Periodontal Maintenance Routine is Effective?

  • Indicators such as reduced redness, bleeding, and swelling are signs of effective periodontal maintenance.
  • Regular consultations at Southcoast Dental will provide insight into the effectiveness of your maintenance routine, adapting your care plan as necessary for optimal results.

Can Diet and Nutrition Affect Periodontal Health?

  • A balanced diet plays a significant role in maintaining periodontal health.
  • Our team at SouthCoast Dental is here to provide dietary advice, promoting an individualized approach to your periodontal care.

Experience the Southcoast Difference

Southcoast Dental in Wareham, MA, is committed to providing outstanding perio dentistry services to our community. Our primary goal is to ensure your comfort and satisfaction while navigating the path to excellent periodontal health. Schedule your consultation today and experience the Southcoast Dental difference in achieving a healthier smile.